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About us

Here at CARLbar, we hope to nourish your body with the real food it deserves.

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My Story

It had been three years, three surgeries, and countless procedures since I injured my knee skiing in the high Rockies of Colorado. After an endless search to help manage my pain and inflammation, I finally turned to my diet. I became obsessed with how our bodies respond to food and started focusing on eating real food while avoiding any unnecessary sugars.
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Everything That Goes Into Our Bodies Matters

Green smoothies quickly became a staple of my diet and for the first time in a long time, I started feeling some relief. One day, while on-the-go, I was unable to make a smoothie. It then dawned on me that there are no nutrition bars on the market that are anywhere close to resembling a green smoothie.
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No Added Sugars

Everything is chock-full of added sugar or sweeteners! I have therefore taken what I have learned and created an ultra-nutritious, on-the-go option for those who want to feel their best and be their best.

The bars are not baked, as to protect the abundance of vitamins and minerals within. I happily introduce to you, CARLbar+CBD.

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