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The Power of Turmeric

Inflammatory support

Powerful antioxidant

Detoxification abilities


What is turmeric?

  • Recently, turmeric has become very popular in America for its suggested help in reducing inflammation within the body.

Extracted from turmeric is one of the many curcuminoids, curcumin. This powerful curcumin is responsible for the suggested health benefits provided by turmeric. Another property within the turmeric root is turmerones.

Because turmeric is hydrophobic by nature, it cannot be absorbed into the body unless there is a fat-soluble source to help. Enter, turmerones, the fat-soluble property naturally found within the turmeric. You may have heard of black pepper aiding in the absorption of turmeric, this is the reason for that.

Why doesn’t CARLbar use black pepper?

CARLbar uses 230mg/bar of whole-spectrum turmeric which includes both curcumin and turmerones. By using turmerones, the curcumin in CARLbar can absorb into your body up to 300x better than a normal turmeric capsule with added black pepper could.

Is turmeric root as impactful as the whole spectrum turmeric in CARLbar?

Short answer, no. turmeric root only contains about 2-5% curcumin. Although you will still get some suggested health benefits from eating the root, you will get a more concentrated version of it by eating CARLbars.

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